10 Oct 2010, 10:49pm
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Day 21 – Prince George and Jasper, back in Beautiful BC.

A proper time zone is hard to come by. Turns out I had to go 3 weeks before getting one!

Left Edmonton rather slowly. I wasn’t in a rush to get to Prince George so I figure I take it easy today.

Driving westward, I was rewarded with a the Rockies rising over the horizon!  What a sight to see.  THOSE are mountains.  Not the crap they have in Ontario (as nice as they may be).  To get to BC you have to go through Jasper National Park.  You stop as a toll station where if you’re camping you have to pay a fee (yes, they do send wardens out to check), but if you’re passing through no charge.

The drive through Jasper was fantastic!  Mountain ranges soar and surround you as you drive along.  You’ll also notice the water in the lakes are a turquoise colour.  They’re glacier lakes!  Although, at this time of year they’re all a little dry.  Some lakes come close to emerald green.  Fantastic.

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2 Oct 2010, 5:53pm
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Day 13 – Prince Edward Island – Land of Greenish Gables… and shellfish!

Drive to PEI was decent enough.  More rain, then no rain, then more rain, then little bit of rain, then a whole ton of rain, then nothing.

I find it odd that I didn’t see a lot of road kill in Ontario and Quebec, but as soon as I hit Eastern New Brunswick, they popped up again.  I got 200 points!  I’m gonna win this game, I think.

There are two ways to get to PEI by car; by ferry and by Confederation Bridge.  I took the Bridge route.  Confederation Bridge is, as far as I know, the longest non-suspension bridge in the world.  Before you get to the bridge there’s a quick Visitor Information Centre that has a small path that leads you to a great view under the bridge.  When you first see the bridge it’s hard not to be impressed.  It’s LONG.  On a dreary day like today you can barely see the PEI coastline.  All you’d see is just a very long bridge that disappears in the distance.

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30 Sep 2010, 6:42pm
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Day 11 – Quebec City and… what Province am I in? *UPDATED Oct 1 2010*

This is gonna be a quick one, because I got to my hotel late and I have to wake up early tomorrow to get to Halifax on time.  So.. this is just going to be a place holder for now.

I did get to Quebec in time enough for me to explore the city in detail.  I made a quick stop at the famed Fairmont Chateau Frontenac and visited the Plains of Abraham.

After that it was a straight b-line to, what I call, the Confused province, New Brunswick.

More details and photos to follow tomorrow.  I sleep now!

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First post!

Finally started to get this blog rolling!

For those of you visiting, welcome!  I hope you enjoy what I might have to offer (I’m not sure what that might be right now)

I’m starting this blog so I can document and share some stories.  I don’t plan on documenting every portion of my life, but more specifically things to do with my photography and interesting stories that might happen along the way.  Call this a glimpse into my life, not a biography.  So!  You can expect updates on various photo series I might be working, I’ll definitely be posting about various shoots I’ve had (along with my favourite photos).  Not only do I want to share my experiences and little bits of my life, I also want to share knowledge that I might come by along the way (which might not be much…).

I’m about to leave on a 3 week road trip across Canada (back and forth!).  If all goes according to “plan” (there isn’t much of one) I should have a new post up everyday.  I’m hoping to have two (three if you include this blog) projects going while I’m on this trip.  The first is a Across Canada Portrait series.  I want to meet strangers in every place I stop (aside from gas stations, pit stops, etc… unless there’s someone really interesting) and take a portrait of them.  The second project is an attempt to capture something unique and interesting with that city/stop.  Since I’ll pretty much be in a new city everyday, posting about these two projects might be a little daunting, let’s just see what happens.  On an unofficial note, by posting every day hopefully my friends and family who might be reading this will be able to track my movements should I disappear.  Cheaper than phone cards, eh?

I leave this Monday (the 20th) and my first stop will be Calgary where I’ll be visiting my cousin (who just had a baby! Woo!).  From there it’ll be a nice loooong 7000 kilometre road trip to St. John’s.  From the East Coast it’ll be another 7000 kilometre journey that will take me to Tofino, then home!

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Check out my “About me” page for a little bit of info… about me… yeah that didn’t sound conceited… /sarcasm   Anyway, once I get the hang of things here I’ll be updating my website (under construction)!  Right now there’s just a portfolio place holder, but I will be updating that as well.

Folks can follow me on Facebook as well!… now how do I get this thing to have one of those Facebook buttony things…….