Crohn’s Awareness Project pt. 3

And we’re back!  Time for part 3 of what was supposed to be a 1 part series.

Snow finally hit Vancouver!  But, luckily that didn’t deter much of anything since snow doesn’t last very long here.  We were a little worried at first with the weather, but everything paid off.

Joshua came back and we did a quick series with him.  Brad managed to get some excellent images.  You can check them out here.

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Crohn’s Awareness Project pt. 2

Last week we did another Crohn’s Awareness shoot and it turned out very well.  This was pretty much half of a reshoot of last time, because I got overly excited and jumped the gun a bit…  I swear this has never happened before!

Basically, one of the series that I have in mind is to capture subtle and expressive emotions.  These headshots will look pretty different from each other in terms of the tonality and mood.  Everything was going great in our first shoot, I had our models look great (thanks Amy) and they did a fantastic job display subtle emotions…  After a few more images for another series we all went our separate ways.

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Crohn’s Awareness Project “Behind the Lens” pt. 1

Last night I took a step back from my usual main shooter roll to assist my friend Brad with his Crohn’s portrait session with Quinn.

I took some behind the scenes shots and did a post on Brad’s Crohn’s blo.  Check it out here.

Here’s a gallery of it.