5 Nov 2010, 10:38pm
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Crohn’s Awareness Campaign pt. 1

It has been a while since I last posted, and I apologize.  Still trying to get back into the groove of things.

That being said, last week I shot a few concept images for a Crohn’s awareness campaign with my good friend Brad Davelaar.  We’ve been planning this campaign for a while now, but I figure I’d dive back into the waters of photography with a quick concept shoot.

We’ve had a lot of positive response to this project and when trying to find models to be portrayed in these series’ I found quite a few people who have been affected by Crohn’s or Colitis at some point in their lives.  I thank all of those who want to help out in this project.

Thanks again to Amy Diedrich for her amazing make up and special effects for this shoot.  Thanks to our talents Joshua and Kat, although this is not the typical editorial look they did spectacularly and looked great (for their roles).

There were two concepts I wanted to explore in this shoot.  The first concept is about how people afflicted with Crohn’s suffer greatly on the inside, but manage to maintain a positive look on the outside.  This is going to be a series of headshots with various different talents that will explore emotions, both subtle and highly expressive.

The second concept I wanted to explore is centred around the people who are brave enough to care for those afflicted with Crohn’s;  friends, families, and loved ones.  Most people don’t understand what Crohn’s Disease is (click here for more information) or take it too lightly.  It’s usually up to those Loved Ones to stick up for the Crohn’s sufferers and defend them.  This concept is an homage to those who stay by their friends and families and help them along the way, despite misunderstandings of other people.

For the next little while I’ll be doing more concept shoots and exploring more of Crohn’s through visual images.  We’re still deciding how the eventual medium will be to showcase all of these images, but chances are it will be a combination of print and web based media.

Brad started up a new blog to track our progress.  Check it out here!

Here’s a sample image from our first shoot.

very nice…:) can’t wait to see the rest of the pics..

Thanks Michelle! More to come, most certainly.


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