Crohn’s Awareness Project pt. 2

Last week we did another Crohn’s Awareness shoot and it turned out very well.  This was pretty much half of a reshoot of last time, because I got overly excited and jumped the gun a bit…  I swear this has never happened before!

Basically, one of the series that I have in mind is to capture subtle and expressive emotions.  These headshots will look pretty different from each other in terms of the tonality and mood.  Everything was going great in our first shoot, I had our models look great (thanks Amy) and they did a fantastic job display subtle emotions…  After a few more images for another series we all went our separate ways.

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I was craving a burger on my way home when I suddenly realised I forgot to shoot the second half of the first series! Good thing my models are awesome people and were happy to come back in for a second session.

I would like to thank Kristy for coming in for the shoot, she was a real pleasure to work with.  On a more personal note, Kristy suffers from an undiagnosed disease that has characteristics of Crohn’s and Colitis, but unfortunately doctors have yet to properly diagnose her condition.  Kristy suffers from severe stomach pains that often prevents her from living a normal life, we were priviledged to her in studio.  We’ll probably be seeing more of Kristy in future shoots as well!


We also brought Kat back in and I managed to do the headshots and also threw in a little imprompty image as well.


Brad was feeling much better this time around so he managed to get some shots in.  You can see his progress here.

I extend my thanks, again, to Amy Diedrich for her awesome hair and make-up work, Kristy ____, Kat Karpoff for their great work as our subjects, and Brad Davelaar for overseeing everything.

Next time we’ll be shooting again with Joshua Tshimba.  Look forward to that.

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