Crohn’s Awareness Project pt. 3

And we’re back!  Time for part 3 of what was supposed to be a 1 part series.

Snow finally hit Vancouver!  But, luckily that didn’t deter much of anything since snow doesn’t last very long here.  We were a little worried at first with the weather, but everything paid off.

Joshua came back and we did a quick series with him.  Brad managed to get some excellent images.  You can check them out here.

More after the jump.

While I was editing Joshua’s last batch I noticed he had the most amazing green eyes.  Zoom in at 100% on a DSLR RAW file and lo and behold they were contacts!  LIES!  DECEIT!  Meh…  Anyway, I had to make sure Josh had the contacts again for this shoot for continuity purposes.


In other news, we brought in a new make up artist and my biggest thanks to Grace Schoorl.  She did an amazing job with Joshua and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thanks again to Brad, Joshua and Grace!

Awesome, his eyes are so dreamy with those contacts.. haha

Even cooler when zoomed at 100%. They’re like… digital!

Whoa Eric!

I know Grace too. She did some awesome bike crash make-up on me for a band shoot:

She’s ace.


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