Josh and Granville Island

Before I left for my trip I made the mistake (and pleasure) of booking quite a few shoots, merely weeks before I left!  That didn’t leave a lot of time for me to edit stuff in a timely manner.  For that I’d like to thank everyone who waited patiently for their finished images (Thanks Elena, Joshua, Saud and Jaime!)

One thing I feel my portfolio lacks is… well… dudes!  So, I scheduled a few male portraits with some awesome models.

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My first male model (trying to make a Zoolander reference here…) was with Joshua.  He was great to work with and I think I got some great results.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t go the typical “male model” look that seems to be common these days, which is to say shirtless man muscles.  This isn’t a bad thing, mind, but it’s not really what I do.

I wanted to do some classy/business looks, and I needed someone to model a new jacket I bought (AWESOME JACKET!  Made by Jonathan A. Logan).

One of my favourite places to shoot portraits and people is Granville Island… I think I said that before somewhere… if I didn’t, I’m saying it now!  It has so much variety and is pretty small.  So, you can quickly move around and find the greatest locations and not get too tired.

While shooting Joshua a family asked me to take their picture.  They thought I was one of those photographers who wander around tourist spots and take people’s pictures for $5.  Apparently they were visiting from India.  I told them I wasn’t, but I offered to take their family photo anyway.  As the (I’m assuming) the father went searching for his camera I went one step further and set up my lights and took a nice family portrait with a beautiful sunset in the background.  I gave the father my card and told him to e-mail me so I could send him the photo.  I think they were pretty pleased.

Unfortunately, due to privacy issues I won’t post their photo.  But it was nice!  Here’s a look at the sunset they had as a backdrop.

I’m often afflicted with the Ooo-I-Wanna-Shoot-There-Now/Next syndrome when walking back to the car after wrapping…

I do so like Granville Island.

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