Saud and Granville Island

Is it me, or are teenagers these days looking more and more mature?  I’ve worked with a few minor models (agewise) and they all don’t look it!

Anyway, Saud was a great model and only 16!  I wanted a bit more of a casual look with him and he was very easy going.

One of the things I like about taking any kind of portrait is when I can get some bit of the subjects personality into the image.  And, Saud was full of personality!

Off again we went to Granville Island!  While we were walking to a location I noticed this spot and set up immediately!

I wasn’t the only one who was shooting that day too.  We ran into wedding photographers who jokingly threatened to pop my strobes with their Pocket Wizards (joke’s on them!  I use Cybersyncs!), and right behind me there was another photographer popping off his flash in a parkade.

Granville Island isn’t really a trade secret…

Remember when I said I would try not to make a Zoolander reference?  Saud did it for me!

One of the things Saud wanted to add to his portfolio was some “work out” images.  I, unfortunately, do not do fitness photos.  They’re just not my thing and often need a LOT of Photoshopping or a lot of lights.  I’m not the greatest Photoshopper and I only have 1.5 lights…

So, instead I thought it’d be cool to try and kill two stones with one bird.  Amy, my make up artist, also does effects make up and I’ve been promising her that we’d do effects one day.

Seeing as Saud has a martial arts background, and bloody faces are cool I thought it’d be neat to do a kind of “street fighter” (not the game) series.

Amy does good work!

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