Jack Bauer Inspired

Wow!  It has been a while hasn’t it?!

I was taking a bit of a break in December and January, but now I’m back and ready to go.

I’ve had a couple shoots between then and now.  I’d like to thank Kat for her patience with me… I swear I’ll get those finished photos to you soon.

A few days ago I set up a shoot with my Big Damn Team (Brad and Amy) and a new model, Kyler G!

Last year I bought a jacket from J. Crew called the Utility Jacket.  It’s a military style jacket, but the reason why I got it is because it was featured in a promo with Keifer Sutherland for the Season 8 of 24!

Being a bit of a 24 fan, and Jack Bauer’s one of the baddest asses around, I thought I’d do a quick shoot inspired by Mr. Bauer.

So, I slapped the jacket on Kyler, put a gun in his hands and went to town… then we went to Granville Island.

Since I couldn’t really bring a prop to a public location without incurring the wrath of the locals, I just made it action oriented.

I had Kyler jump Brad’s Green Hornet’s (his BLUE Mazda) hood.

Jump through a hole.

And, run down an alleyway.

It was good fun.

It’s green dammit!

Sure it is…


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