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Hi!  My name’s Eric (as if you couldn’t tell from the blog title…. nevermind).  I am a portrait photographer based in Vancouver, BC.  I’ve been shooting digitally for over a year now, I used to shoot with an old Nikon F2.  I’ve since switched to Canon’s system (SHOCK AND SHUN!).  All joking aside, I don’t believe one system is better than another, they’re all tools.

When it comes to photography, or my life in general, I have two very firm beliefs; do the best with what you have, and keeping everything simple.  When I look at other artists and creatives I find their best work derives when they are limited.  Being forced to work with what you have forces you to go down other avenues that you might never have thought of if you had all the resources in the world.  It’s all about foundations, kind of like building a house.  We live in a very complicated world.  Every day we have to deal with life issues, money, family, friends, work, etc.  Throw in world current events or even local events and things just get that much more complex.  I like to try to simplify things to make life just a little bit easier.  I laugh at complexities and nonsense, because if you really sit down and think about it there are only a few things we should all be truly worried about.

Photography, for me, is about telling a story with one frame.  Whether it’s a still life, a landscape or even a portrait, I always try to strive to get some kind of story or meaning in just one frame.  A photograph should be more than just a moment in time.  It should speak.

That all being said, photographically speaking (I think that’s the right phrase) I always try to get everything right in camera first.  I don’t like using Photoshop as a crutch.  They’re all tools and I will use them to the best of my ability (not a big Photoshopper).  I feel that getting everything right in camera first makes my life easier in post production.  The less work I have to do in Photoshop to “fix” my images the faster I can get images to clients.  Which is good for everyone!  There we go, my two big life philosophies in action.

Things to know… I’m a dork, a geek, maybe even a nerd.  I like to watch TV, movies, read, play video games, surf the web, etc.  All that good stuff.  But, that’s not to say I just sit at home and lounge around (let’s admit it, we all need to do that sometimes).  I love the outdoors.  Living in Vancouver is such a perfect place, great weather, smaller city, and the beautiful environment.  Within an hours drive I could hiking through a mountain trail, or down by a fresh water glacier lake, or at a shopping centre.

My plan is for this blog to not just be another photo blog.  I hope it’ll be a bit of a track of my work and life.   If you’re reading this, I hope I’ve done a decent enough job.  I can’t ask for more.


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